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06/02/2005G'day everyone, welcome to the first edition of OHR Domain. We hope you may take interest in our new online magazine and support us in future efforts to keep it going. Our current web team consists of Phyrfox, Fernurion and RPGspotkahn, we promise to keep the page running and updated constantly to our best efforts. New editions should be released at least once a week and at most once every two weeks. As you probably should have gathered - the page is hosted by the Castle Paradox server, so we would like to express our great gratitude towards IM for this opportunity. Please take your time to browse the page and any comments and criticism is highly appreciated and can be posted in the OHR Domain general discussion on the Castle Paradox forum(General Discussion). Feedback is crucial for our starting stages. We hope you enjoy the edition.

Thank you for your visit.

OHR Domain Team

06/01/2005Unfortunatly placing the caption contest in the side menu would have meant altering code on every page, for this edition we have placed the caption contest in the "Misc" section. For a direct link to the results : Caption Contest Results

05/09/2005Placing of input begins.

05/03/2005New test design. Feel free to ignore it if you don't like it.

04/24/2005The latest update to the design of the page is introduced. Colors are fixed and items look nicer. Note: Due to differences in Mozilla and IE, this page will look slightly different, but should be fully readable.

04/22/2005Arrangements are made, and the idea is conceptualized. Also, CP has been kind enough to host this new web magazine. Please send your input for the first edition of this magazine to Paul. This email should change shortly after the first edition.

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