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12/06/2005Welcome to the second edition of OHR Domain. This week we have not recieved a lot of content from the community and we are making a plea for people to send in something. The caption contest seemed like it was much more successful this week - The winner having 17 votes in comparison to 2 last week. We feature a special interview by Jabbercat with Friend - Appropriate to the release of his new game: Boundless Ocean. We hope that next week shall be a more eventful one with more content.

Have a Spiffy day,

OHR Domain Team

12/06/2005The featured game for this edition is "Boundless Ocean" by Friend. Random screenshots can be seen on the "Other" bar.

10/06/2005The email for sending in content has changed to the old email was giving troubles.

08/06/2005Shadowiii announces that he shall be leaving us to serve a 2 year mission for his church starting from this wednesday and shall lose all contact to the OHR community for that time. He shall be missed.

06/06/2005Friend releases yet another masterpiece of an OHR game: Boundless Ocean.